I take it you have no further comments or intentions of answering my last post?

Considering what answering may undermine, I can respect you sudden silence.

Anymore dialogue between you and me and I could very well end up discrediting your claims of being a Time Traveler.

Or on the other hand, may very well end up supporting my point about Time Travelers intentions.

Either way, if you wish to have a real dialogue, and meet my challenge, I still await your answer. In addition, don’t answer what and when is convenient for you. There have been a few past posts requesting that you supply answers to. And you have only come up with what seems to be something that is just convenient enough for someone to quickly study in a book and post as your own knowledge.

So enough stalling…

Have a nice day,

Javier C.

P.S. Here’s another one you can try answering for me . I been meaning to ask you, what is your fascination with posting “kill” as your futures means of punishment? This is the 2nd time you’d mentioned it. Don’t you have a criminal justice system in the future anymore? Or is “killing” just your thing?