I must admit TTA, you have succeeded in confusing me. The more I read your postings, the more I question my understanding and local use of social interaction, courtesy and logic. However, I also believe that all viewpoints have some inherent value even if it’s not apparent.

((I take it you have no further comments or intentions of answering my last post?))

I took a look at your last posting and didn’t see any questions. However, I now realize that I may be mistaken in assuming much of what you wrote was rhetorical. In may be helpful if you add some indication that you are asking a question you wish someone to comment on.

((However, there is one thing I would like to know. TimeTravel_0 if in fact you have been to the future, what happens to JCS- ME =)? Am I deeply involved in this Time Travel project as well? What of the resistance?))

This is the only question I found from your postings that you could be referring to. Again, I have no knowledge of you in any possible future nor would I comment on it if I did. As far as the photograph of me in a uniform, I’m not sure what that would prove even if I had one.

((Anymore dialogue between you and me and I could very well end up discrediting your claims of being a Time Traveler.))

I do not seek credit for anything. The most I hope for (for the most part) is to be at least interesting and engaging.

((Either way, if you wish to have a real dialogue, and meet my challenge, I still await your answer.))

Perhaps I was unclear before. I did provide the web link earlier that does have a chat room set up for time travel. My schedule is a bit more flexible right now at least for the next week or so. Please take a look and let me know when you will be there (open to anyone of course). Since there really is nothing to be gained or lost, I look at this not as a challenge but more of an opportunity to get to know everyone better.

((In addition, don’t answer what and when is convenient for you. There have been a few past posts requesting that you supply answers to. And you have only come up with what seems to be something that is just convenient enough for someone to quickly study in a book and post as your own knowledge.))

I’m not sure what you mean by that. In earlier postings, I have stated that I’m trying to avoid repeating myself and frankly there are some items that are just over my head or that I have no knowledge of. It is curious that you feel knowledge can be something owned or somehow that becomes less worthwhile if it’s passed on.

((P.S. Here’s another one you can try answering for me . I been meaning to ask you, what is your fascination with posting “kill” as your futures means of punishment? This is the 2nd time you’d mentioned it. Don’t you have a criminal justice system in the future anymore? Or is “killing” just your thing?))

Perhaps you could take the dialogue in question and post it with your question. However, if I understand you, you’re asking about death on my worldline. Yes, it is more a part of our lives than it is yours (at least for now) and capitol punishment is a reality.