I have some questions for Time traveler_0,
I see you take things from this world to bring back to your own world. books, computers what have ya. as well as probably the other TT do as well.
Do you pay for those items? or do you just “steal” them?
what do you pay with if you pay?
If you dont pay how is it justified to steal from another world?
could not a TT (time traveler)basically take whatever they wanted from any time?
for example: They would have knowledge of when a shipment of gold was being transported by truck and they could go in and attack the truck and steal all the gold. which would be good for any country or time and do what ever he wanted with it.
They could set themselves up as a King in ancient Egypt and rule the world at the time.
They will have all the power and all the money they could ever want.on this world as well as on others.
what stops you from doing this as well?
Are they careful who they pick to time travel? do you have to take psychological tests before you are chosen?
what attributes should a time traveler have in your opinion?
What are some things they look for when they chose someone for a mission?
If they pick a bad seed by mistake and send them time traveling and that person does harm is there anyway they can go after that person? I am curious about all of this.

thankyou in advance for answering my questions.