I was considering all the pictures that were submitted of UFO’S on all the different TV programs. It seems that very few people are likely to believe in something that is far more believable then time travel. Not that I am a skeptic of time travel for if I were I would not be trying to provide the method and energy source to enable that and other feats. But most would only beleive in UFO’s if one were to land in their back yard and even then most would question their own sanity before proclaiming the obvious. What possible evidence can be produced over the internet to convince even a minute few that the time travel has accured? I would say that collective seeing on a constant basis such that sightings become as routine as eating toast for breakfast before all and few would be convinced. I recall that TT-0 stated that even on his world line most of the population do not believe in time travel. I would say how is a time travelor going to convince a group of people from our own generation that time travel has accured when the same feat in his/or her own time line would take quite an amazing feat. I believe that to even consider the possibility of time travel takes a person of faith. And it takes a person who choses to believe in time travel to truely traverse the necesary intellectial and economical barriers to acomplish that goal. I was considering using the superluminal waveguide where microwaves are forced through an iron bar such that the group velocity is greater then light as resonance to enable the iron bar to less virtually conduct the tachyons from my source by decreasing the density of space-time that seperates the tachyon source from the subluminal energy source and thus correcting the space and time dialation of the superluminal and subluminal entities within the iron antena. This will decrease the density seperating the subluminal energies from the superluminal energies and increase the magnitude of the tavchyon field permiating our iron antena. (please forgive any mispellings I am in quite a hurry). This is all just an extra I believe that the above is not necesary but will serve as maybe a tuner or rectifier. (I hope I am using these terms right). By increasing the density of a parallel propagating e and h field to infinity by generating a double phase field and bringing them in phase within a region; then creating a pressure on the field by running a conducter through the field of infinite density will result in the generation of subluminal negative energy. That is a positronic output. By introducing the superluminal mircrowaves one will conduct the tachyons at a higher probability rate as the fields increase in density to infinity–at which time the conduction of tachyons will increase in probability-which is amplitude-to an infinite amplitude.


Edwin G. Schasteen