the first part of the letter was to the general audience of the forum. The second is to certain persons who I confer with to add to their knowlege conscerning a project that we are involved with. The last part of the letter is part of a much larger technical conscept only those who work closest with me would be able to decipher, understand, or utilze that knowlege. In short I somtimes use this to relay knowlege to my coherts. Even some of them will not fully understand this knowlege until I am able to break it down and expain what I mean. For this is merely to transfer the knowlege while giving away as littly usable technical detail as possible. I will reword the first part of the paragraph:
I simply mean to state that most of the population does not believe in UFO’s despite the numerous sightings. And that if the majority will not accept the existance of UFO’s the majority will not accept the existance of time travel either.


Edwin G. Schasteen