Ah, OK. I get your point. I’m not one who has ever seen a UFO and also know that there are a lot of phonies out there claiming to have experiences that are either deluded or just plain lies from the outset.

But…I can’t help believing that the existence of extra-terrestrials MUST be so on the sheer logic of the odds alone. I’m not CONVINCED they exist, but I can’t see how they could NOT. This is not faith, just deductive reasoning.

Time Travel on the other hand is something I would LOVE to believe as a possibility. Would jump at the chance to endorse if someone somewhere could give me just a glimmer of hope, faith, logic or even reasonable speculation in the mere possibility of. But alas, one burning question remains unanswerd for me. How does one travel to a where/when that actually does not exist in the first place? In other words, how is it ever not eternally here/now?