With all do respect timetravelactivist, I am somewhat relieved that you cannot or choose not to comprehend the information being delivered. Some info is better left to the experts which is why I am not building my own invention. You are not the only one who is aprehensive of the prospects and consequences of the development of time travel. One who I would call a friend is borderline paranoid at the prospect and has threatened recourse any such device is developed. I can honestly say that my original intention was not the development of a time travel device, but an energy source to enable the production and distribution of massive amounts of energy for industrial use and/or consumption. The nature of the device as I developed it revealed quite accidently the possibility of yielding sufficient energy for the manipulation of time itself. It appears that the two limiting factors that are holding back technological progress is the limitation of energy and energy containment. It is like we used to say in aircraft mechanic school, if you give anything enough thrust you can make it fly as is proven by every successful flight of any given harrier fighter jet. If you can produce enough energy I suppose anything is possible–even time travel. I will tell you one thing though, I will not be detered from the development and inplementation of this device–even if it must be developed behind closed doors. I feel that it is time for the world to take serious measures into the energy crisis. We have, so I have heard, about twenty-five years worth of fossil fuels. Here is one possible temperary solution to prolong the consumption of energy. I have heard that the radio-active gas radon is quite plentiful on the lunar surface. Radon happens to be one of the radio active gasses produced by the degradation of Uranium Metal. One option may be to develop NASA drilling teams to go to the moon and search for uranium deposits. If there turns out to be quite a large supply of uranium on the lunar surface that we might be able to develop spacial containers to collect and preserve uranium over the next 25 years while we still have the fuel sources to do so. This might give us a couple of hundred more years of electrical energy on our planet to research for an answer to the energy crisis by continueing research into discovering the ultimate energy source. Since the current form of economy is limiting us by being so dependend on oil and other competitive businesses I thought that maybe a new economy system would be worth considering. If we were to take the economic losses acruid by businesses that fail to succeed on the open market and set up a virtual account and allow that estimated monetary loss to be recirculated back into the economic system in the form of virtual tender in the account of the failed business to spend only on research and development. The failed business can use the cash to develop advanced products for sell. The failed business is then free to spend the profits gained by the newly developed products for personal gain of that business. The bussiness can pay a small tax on the money gained to support the goverment. The oil companies will be satisfied for no inventions can put them out of business on account that any losses acruid by the oil companies as a result of alternate energy sources can be claimed by the oil companies in the form of virtual cash for them to spend on other products such as computers and etc. The more worthy competition the oil companies gain the more money the oil companies gain which is true for everyone. The oil companies will promote the development of advanced tachnologies both on their own and by supporting the competition. Everyones losses will be everyones gains. We can still allow the current money system be usable but can also allow for monetary systems to be kept on massive computer acounts in the form of supercomputers. By having this set up we will use the natural human trait of greed to reinforce our development and in the mean time decrease the crime rate by allowing all persons to have the right to purchase shares of a given business through the stock market. I bet that we if this system will allow every one to gain that we would have no problem getting people to sign petitions to bring this bill before congress. So what does everyone think? Is this a good idea? Don’t hold back now?