The more I read rgrunt, the more I tend to have respect for him as a person. I started out being very critical of him, but in the end…

He makes no outlandish claims, only speculations and the reasons he makes them. All in all, this seems quite clear to me and not the least bit confusing.

Whether one agrees with him or not is beside the point. That’s in individual right. But his pronounements are by his own admission, speculative and as such, come across in an open minded sense. It doesn’t appear to me he’s trying to “snow” anybody. I can’t say the same for all others here.

And his thoughts on energy levels relative to Time Travel seem to be right on topic as far as Paradoxes are concerned. i.e. – Maybe Time Travel is possible IF enough energy can be generated and contained/controlled. But that’s the paradox. So far, we have no way to do this. Maybe we never will, maybe we can solve it. But a “Paradox” is only ever really that. Failure to understand a problem that seems unsolvable, or the realization that there never was a problem in the first place.

As I’ve said before, “Paradox” is an invention of the mind, not something that ever actually occurs in Nature or the Universe. They only SEEM that way to us due to lack of understanding.