Man Shadow, you sound like a real @$$-hole in that last post you know. At least the others said their peace with a little respect.

I have been trying not to attack anyone since my return. And look at you, you hypocrite. Calling me an “agitator.”

So what would you have had me say? I have often times attempted to speak of my experiences and try to make sense of them. If I could somehow, find some way to prove to people of what I am going through is for real, believe me I would.

Why is it so hard for someone to prove something if he can? Especially more when he claims he’s what he is.

Roel van Houten,
What vauge stories are you talking about? Can you point one out to me, please :smile.gif: ?

Gullible people? Not in here… you must be mistaken.

-Javier C.

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