I don’t think I accused anyone of being gullible here have I? I’ve stated what I think that term means, and how it pertains to those who allow others to get away with any argument in an unquestioned manner. I don’t believe I’ve pointed a finger at anyone in particular tho.

Frankly, in my opinion the board is LESS lame when it contains sceptics who keep the conversation going in a speculative manner, rather than when it becomes a forum for any one person to direct the conversation while all others simply nod in agreement.

If a soultion to Time Travel is EVER to be found, it will come from stimulated debate, which fosters creative thought and experimentation, not “preaching to the choir”.

This may be fun and all for problems that have already been solved, but Time Travel has not. Not to any degree that satisfies MY scepticism anyway. This is not to say I declare it to be impossible. But I DO think thought in other than the traditional directions (Time Machines, Parallel Universes, etc.) is in order to reach a solution if there is one. The aforementioned are merely old ways of conceptualizing it that have ultimately produced, well, nothing. In the way of any PROOF that is.

I doubt seriously that the answer lies in EITHER of these two approaches. But, I COULD be wrong about that.

Thanks for your response.