Thanks DaViper,
For clearing things up for me, and for others on this board as well (hopefully).

Basically that’s what I mainly been trying to get across in my recent posts. That we shouldn’t go along with what someone says. I have only been asking the questions, no one has bothered to ask.

And that upset-ted a few people, forgive me folks…

Hence my little sarcasm in that last comment I made to you; “Gullible people? Not in here… you must be mistaken.” Get it ?

Nevertheless, it’s not my place to try and convince people about my experiences. Cause it’s never been about that, it’s always been about being critical of Time Travel, and Time Travelers intentions. Some how someone keeps bringing up something about my experiences, and that I can’t prove anything, so why am I even talking if I can’t prove anything my self, is the point someone’s been trying to impose on me.

So then, the topic isn’t about my comments of my last post anymore, but of what someone criticized me on. Then everyone gets to talking about it, as if this is what I am trying to convince others about. huuuaggh.

It makes a big mess, it confuses everything. I haven’t made any stories, nor have I even spoken of my experiences. Yet, it may sound like I did because that’s what everyones talking about. Further more, I would like to see if we can go back before all this confusion started. It was when I posted a few comments for TT_O to respond, say about 4 days ago.

They were about his intentions as a Time Traveler. Ethical, or not? Disregarding his own Time line by spilling the beans. Says alot, don’t you think.

Javier C.