Ok man, I have to had it to you. Your smart, and know how to please a crowd. But you have to admit that your coming here and saying your a Time Traveler is a bit suspect. I know, that you have a hidden agenda. You have not made clear your motives, and are only giving us very little proof. Why you holding back…?

I still believe your buying into people’s fascination. Your a good study in communications and science, and know how to handle upsets very well.

(You sure your not some corporate PR guy).?

Which is probably why so many people believe your story. But your not Anti-Time Travel like me. None of you have ever been manipulated by a Time Travelers plan for 21 years.

Which is not to say they are, and you just don’t know it.

Am I right, TT_0? You do alot of work in the background of our society, admit it. Adjusting things to fit your futures agenda. That’s the only reason you can ever have an interest in the past.

You know, I don’t know why you keep making me look like the bad guy here. After all, what have I done but just ask you some critical questions. And you respond by saying that all future TTA are trying to murder you. I’m not you, I believe in a criminal justice system. I wasn’t trained to kill, like you were.

What are your personal beliefs TT_0? You said you believe in God, which one? Honestly, do you think the ends justifies the means? Don’t you have people regulating Time Travel?

You said your self you don’t care what happens to your worldline. You don’t care about your actions, and what they will affect?

You are a cheater of life… What ever happened to preservering against adversity? You take back home the solution, without trying to handle it there. And in that, you threaten to change billions of lives. And that strikes you as no big deal?

And what’s worse, I am the only one on this board who has enough moral sense to see that as wrong. Watch, someone is going to attack me now.

So is there any such thing as wrong for you TT_0 while in the past that you are forbidden to do, or is it all just a free for all?

Yes, actually The Wheel of Time is a fantasy role playing game. Don’t you have Final Fantasy XVIII out in 2036?

Javier C.

“For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it’s preservation.”