For me, this is all beginning to work now in the manner I hope everyone has intended it to. Yup. It’s gettin’ “curiouser and curiouser”.

Enforcer: (cool name. Choose what you like, I’ll run with that. And I think I’ll stay DaViper for a while.)

You are right. Once everyone comes around to admitting that none of us has the answer, we can cut to the chase of REALLY seeing if we can find one. And I know we ALL would like to find one or we wouldn’t be here in the first place would we.

I stand corrected. I mis-typed your handle and it came out TT_1 by mistake. I appologize for that.

I also stand by my assesment of what I see you doing. No offense. I’ve checked your web site and will say that I think the SITE is well done and interesting. But I cannot surrender my opinion that it is Fiction as you have always intended it to be. And not that bad at that.

I see you as a person who is utilizing fiction to express your opinions as to how the problem of time Travel COULD be solved. OK. As I’ve said before, this board itself is presented as “fiction” in the first place, as it states right on the Home Page. But… does THAT stop us from contemplating the possibilities that we ALL would like to explore. On the contrary! It stimulates them. The Web Authors here have accomplished their goal in getting the topic off the ground for discussion. It’s a great site. I personally have been visiting it for over two years now under various handles.

(I’ll stick with “DaViper” for now.)


Since (to me anyway), the topics of “Time Machines” and “Parallel Universes” have been beaten to death, how about exploring other possibilities as to a possible solution, since these two ALWAYS lead to SOME form of Paradox which I hope we all agree CAN’T be so by the very nature of the simple fact that the Universe contains NO Paradoxes.

In short, I think there is something awry with ALL of our thinking, including MINE. But I can’t put my finger on just what it is.

Peace to all.