(( I know, that you have a hidden agenda. You have not made clear your motives, and are only giving us very little proof. Why you holding back…?))

Rest assured there is nothing I have planned in my “hidden agenda” that will make anyone’s life any worse than it already might be.

((Am I right, TT_0? You do alot of work in the background of our society, admit it. Adjusting things to fit your futures agenda. That’s the only reason you can ever have an interest in the past.))

I plan to leave soon. There is nothing I can do here that will affect my home. My goals are based on the love I have for my family. Actually, my inertest in the past is a result of going through piles of half burned books and magazines left over from a war started by people you share this planet with right now. On that note, perhaps its more interesting to consider what I won’t be doing to try and stop that war.

((I wasn’t trained to kill, like you were.))

—> Well it’s a good thing I got injured in the Army, or else that might have been my fate as well. <--- I could have sworn you mentioned you were in the army? ((What are your personal beliefs TT_0? You said you believe in God, which one? Honestly, do you think the ends justifies the means? Don't you have people regulating Time Travel?)) How many Gods are there? I believe in just one. What are your suggestions for regulating time? Perhaps a list of your “time rights” would be something to spark conversation on the board. ((You said your self you don't care what happens to your worldline. You don't care about your actions, and what they will affect?)) I’m not sure I ever said I didn’t care about my own worldline. If you could find and quote that, I would appreciate it. ((You are a cheater of life... What ever happened to preservering against adversity? You take back home the solution, without trying to handle it there. And in that, you threaten to change billions of lives. And that strikes you as no big deal?)) I think I understand what you’re asking. I’m just guessing that “cheater of life” is not a compliment. I can’t think of a reason why my actions would be immoral and someone else’s would not. You suggest I’m capable of changing lives. I suggest that I’m no more capable of that than you are. I’m just not so sure you recognize your own potential. You don’t need a time machine to save or destroy people. If there was another person doing the exact same things I was but they didn’t have a time machine, would they be putting billions of lives at stake and suffer your judgment? ((So is there any such thing as wrong for you TT_0 while in the past that you are forbidden to do, or is it all just a free for all?)) Yes, I believe in wrong and right. I judge my actions based on God’s law. Is it wrong for me to murder? Yes it is. Is it wrong for me to teach someone how to defend themselves and they commit murder? No, I am not their keeper. Since I am leaving, I will be incapable of causing any harm. But, what damage will you do with anything I have said? ((Yes, actually The Wheel of Time is a fantasy role playing game. Don't you have Final Fantasy XVIII out in 2036?)) Yes, we have games. ((TT_O shouldn't an historian-anthropolagist, even an amateur, be a bit more up to speed on psychology?)) I apologize. I am learning all the time and I wish I were smarter too. You must remember that reading about a society is one thing and being exposed to it is another. ((TT_0, care to answer my questions this time?I made sure to put lots of ??? so I wouldn't get excuses that they weren't any.)) I was not trying to offer excuses. Please forgive my ignorance. I was unaware that question marks were optional.