Well, it looks like if anybody has any questions to ask TTO…now would be the time to do so.
I have learned so much over the past few months. with the added info I have gained I have went back and reread books such as hyperspace and string theories and blackhole books I had and things are really starting to fall into place with the additional info I have gathered. pieces are being fit together to create a beautiful picture of the nature of time. it is funny as I am reading some of the old info I had and now the new I will find myself saying “oh…now I understand…” :smile.gif:
I am very busy studying at this time.
and yes,Daviper, always searching for the truth in new theories and beyond.as I have always said “science fiction of today may become tomorrows science fact.”
I am sorry that you did not respond to my e-mail for an opportunity to chat with TTO,Mr. Schasteen and time 02112.perhaps you were busy. I tried to get a hold of you both yesterday.
I have had wonderful chats with TTO.
last night djayr42(Joe)and I talked to him for I believe over three hours. He is a wonderful person and I am sorry you may never get to know that.


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