Well, I must say this thread has piqued my interest. I have a few questions for TT_0:

First, where does your interest in the (our) U.S. Constitution stem from?

Why do you think it is so vital for us to read and understand it?

Second, do you not like your “new” Constitution?

Or feel that it is not as effective as the original?

Third, you keep saying that you will be going back to your worldline soon, how soon will this be?

Can you give a specific day? Or week?

I have many questions for you and would like to be able to know how much time I have left to ask them of you.


Could you please space out your posts to make it easier to read – it is very difficult to read a post that is in one large block of words compared to one that has each thought, or idea, seperated by spaces.

Prophet :smile.gif:

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