In the future, sociologists spend a great of time discussing the collective mentality before the war that led to the demise of “Homo Materia”. Many of them point to an experiment that was done in the 1970’s or 1980’s. The experiment isolated various sizes of rat populations in varying cage sizes with varying food and cleaning schedules. It was discovered that no matter what, there was a certain ratio of rats to space that once overtaken by population would always lead to aggressive and destructive behavior in the rats until enough of them had died or been killed to get back under the ratio. This was true even when the rats that were given plenty of food and had their cage cleaned every day.

Besides the occasional school or office shooting and violent video game, I can’t help but think about that experiment every time I see someone stranded on the highway or walking on the side of the road carrying an empty gas can. I ask my parents why we don’t stop and help and they tell me they are afraid of being attacked and of the possible consequences of helping someone they don’t know. I would respond by pointing out that it’s our duty to help someone, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we can never know that person’s true worth and the risk of losing then is too great. I didn’t fully understand their stubbornness until I saw a news story about a doctor who was sued for applying emergency first aid to an accident victim who died. I believe your society is biologically geared for self-destruction. However, I feel strongly that does not excuse me from my responsibilities as a temporary member of this community.

Although TTA is a bit quirky and eccentric, he does belong to us. He’s this community’s quirky and eccentric guy and although he can be aggravating, I can’t help but feel protective of him. As I’m sure most of us believe, under all of his postings, he has some interesting things to say. When I first read one of his postings, I first shake my head and then I begin to question my own understanding of not only the English language but of the real meaning of the odd things he brings up. If it’s done on purpose, it’s quite effective. I am often forced to go back through the dictionary or grammar handbook just to make sure there’s not some obscure punctuation or grammar rule I was unaware of.

As an example, when I read his mission statement, I do think the effect of not writing a complete sentence before the period is dramatic but I am forced to examine the word “it’s” and wonder if it represents the contraction for “it is” or if it means the possessive of the understood subject from the first part.

Please understand, I do not point this out to cause harm. People are often first judged by the way they write and speak. I can’t help but think a great deal of anger is a result of frustration to make ourselves understood. Throughout our lives, a real understanding of how to communicate would help anyone express themselves better. As I find myself double checking how to use the English language I only recommend that TTA do the same. I am quite anxious to his ideas or set of rules on the use of time travel.