It has been fascinating to read your insights on the social flaws during this time period. Since you are not a part of this society (or at least new to it) it is more obvious for you than many of us.

Your observations strike a deep meaning with me, because I’ve spent the last 4 years writing a science fiction audio drama about the greed of humanity around the year 2000.

What disturbs me is that, yes, there are many who understand these problems of greed. Most of us know it exists, but cannot attribute the source. Some think greed is the necessary thread which tightly holds our economy together. There are the many that just accept greed as the normal way of life, even though they know there is something wrong about it. Action is never taken to fix the mindset of what money is really for.

There are always those who enjoy cheating, weaseling, and playing tricks to gain false respect. Those people thrive on knowing how to get ahead. As long as they win their steadfast race to personal satisfaction, they will always influence others. It doesn’t matter how many of us become outward, collective, and self-less… the greedy individuals will always rise.

So TimeTravel_0, having lived through the self destruction of the human race, what sort of future do you imagine after 2036? Will humans colonolize and expand through the solar system?

Or will we be forever bound to our inward existance, measuring the past, fearfull of the future.