That’s very nice of you Trott, answering for TT_0. But I’m sure he’s a big boy now and can answer his own post, thank you very much.

By being the eccentric & aggravating guy in this community, do you mean the guy that brings up things that are in opposition to the common ideals of this board? Then sure, if you wish to define my actions like that, I really don’t care.

As long as I am aware that what I am doing is looking at things from both sides, and advocating freedom. What people say won’t make me give in to your followers.

You can tell which ones they are by reading their posts. All this praise, like if you were some God.

And further more, it’s a good thing you don’t know what my voice sounds like. Or you’d criticize the way I pronounce things too, because I have a slight accent.

After all, I am fluent in Spanish and English. Spanish is my native tongue though. And it’s pretty hard to lose it, look at Ricky Martin, and Antonio Banderas.

See Me here:

There’s not much we know about you. You made a little comment about your life, but that’s just it. No real insight as to who is giving this wisdom (since your so good at giving it). Don’t you think we must first know who is giving it? And how has it helped you? You just preach, even church preaches give examples about their lives and others how it’s helped them. Think about doing that, might make your posting seem less creepy (at times) and make your words more effective.

Gotta Go,
Javier C.

“For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it’s preservation.”