Yeah TT_0, OK.

I’ll go ahead and run with the way you want to tell it.

You are obviously a thinker on social issues, a contemplator of paradox, and hypothesizer of possibilities.

Correct me if I’m wrong here but I see you as a Libertarian who expounds on the need for humanity to get back to certain basics. Like the issues defined by the Constitution and your comments earlier on firearms tend to make me believe you are a Gun Rights activist.

So, no critisism intended here but…
(and you know I see your scenario as pure fiction on your part), could you give us your thoughts on how us “less enlightened” ones here in this worldline of the here/now can solve the technical problems of time travel so that we may be able to enjoy the same first hand knowledge you have that gives you these social insights?

I mean, EVERYBODY hates a tease right?