Mr. TT_0,
Let us assume you are a time traveller. I do not see any viable way for you to return to your own time line then. I say this because that you mentioned the difficulty with time travel in the sense of divergences. You said that you travelled back in time from 2036 to 1975 with a ~1-2% divergence. You also mentioned that in your time frame a 0% divergence is sort of a myth, i.e technologically improbable. Now if I understand your plan, you say you will once again travel back to 1975 before you arrived and then go forward as to avoid going into the future of our time line, which by your presence here would be an alternate future from your own. But what I would ask is, if you plan to go back to 1975 from 2000, you should incur a certain non-zero percent divergence just as you did going from 2036 to 1975. I would surmize that it is impossible or technologically improbable for you to go back to the exact world line you departed from then. Even if you are able to travel back with a 0% divergence, which by your previous words would be mythological, what would ensure you that the future you travelled into was exactly the world line you left. Since there are an infinite number of possible world lines departing from 1975 into the future. I suppose the key point of this argument is that any trip through time with your technology would result in a non-zero divergence, and in order for you to arrive in your own world line you must create a 0% divergent trip. This is amusing in the sense that the harder you try to get to your own world line the more divergences you incur and hence the furthur away you get. I believe I see the birth of a new temporal paradox.