Hey Everyone!! While I’ve been following this thread from the beginning and even conveyed a few thoughts on the topic matter as it evolved, I have been, for the most part, been following the topic discussion to TTO’s answers to everyones questions. I have come to a couple conclusions. First of all I want to commend TTO for provoking much thoughtfull and insightfull discussion on, even the probability much less the possability that what he says is true. And I would like to commend those that treated this topic discussion with respectful scrutiny and thought provoking questions for TTO. I understand that for TTO to reveal himself as a time traveler in this timeline on this board was a matter of great risk on his part and I commend him for it!! Who are we to say he’s not for real!!! Being a Druid MAGI I’ve also conveyed thoughts and realities that have fallen upon great scrutiny and rightly so. It is when we stop asking how and why that we are truely doomed as a race!! We have to open our minds and get peoples heads out of the sands of disbelief and ignorance, only then can we truely be ready for the next level, as a race. Individually, some are already at the doorway of the next level!! As a race there’s too much hate and greed for this to happen on an evolutionary scale for a while. That is a sad state of affairs!!

As far as I’m concerned, GODSPEED TTO!!!!


Draco the Druid