There is really only one thing I don’t understand the “Theory” of. (Relative to the topic of this board that is.) Or why it is even a Theory at all.

That is of “Parallel Universes” or “Alternative Timelines”. It remains a Paradox for me.

Someone correct me where I’m wrong here but as I understand it, these Parallel Universes or Alternative Timelines are “created” by events in our own, (timelines) or even in others.

What events? For instance…

I prevent Lee Harvey Oswald from assassinating JFK? OK. This one is easy to follow. But…

What “authority” or controlling force determines just what “events” qualify for the creation of a new timeline or universe?

God? Is this then just another Religious theory?

Or perhaps ALL events create new timelines and universes. Like the collision of two snowflakes during a snowstorm. How about the collision of the outer molecules of the snowflake with the molecules of the atmosphere? Each collision as it falls? Each snowflake? Each storm? Each molecule? WOW!

There must be a lotta Timelines out there and alternative Universes huh. Infinitely so even.

If infinite, then why am I possesed with the gift of individual thought, free will and the choice to make my own descisions since nothing I think matters anyway in view of all the possibilities that are all true anyway. Given these infinite timelines.


This seems a bit foolish to me but I can’t DIS-prove it. But then in science, dis-proving something, should be easy. Except a negative which is a folly in logic.

It would seem to me that “infinite” universes and timelines is totally contrary to the principle of Occam’s razor. But then Occam’s razor is not an axiom, merely a postulate. Although it has worked really well so far.

Actually, in science, “Multiverse” theory is something that has NEVER been proven. For lack of evidence. It crops up from time to time as a way to explain certain SEEMING paradoxes like the EPR double slit experiment with polarized light. But then, just because it can be used to explain something doesn’t mean it is so.

Tiny invisible rubber bands could explain gravity if it weren’t for the fact that it simply isn’t true.

Multiverse Theory is not automatically true because it “explains” some things. Lot’s of things explain “some” things. Most of them are NOT true.

So help me here. Where did multiverse come from as a theory? Where is the observable evidence of it’s existence and the experiments to back it up that can be duplicated with certainty and repitition?

Like the speed of light for example. Or Time Dilation which is so easy to demonstrate now it’s considered commonplace. (It occurs on every single filght of the Space Shuttle.) At least science is TRYING to prove “Frame Dragging” which IS an experiment under way.

But “Multiverse”? Who can demonstrate this with integrity?

Thank you.