You had me going in your first post. I thought it was well thought out. Well reasoned, and stimulating. Whether it is correct or not I cannot say. Maybe, maybe not.

But then you lost me again in your subsequent post(s) by bringing what you say you believe “God Says” into it.

Not sure just where “God Says” this. It ain’t in the Bible anyway.

Besides, in contemplating the very existence of God one is left to ask “Who Created God”? Then if the answer is “God always was”, it begs the further question, “If God COULD always have been, why not the Universe itself without the need for a God to ‘create’ it”?

Not that I’m Atheistic, merely Agnostic. If God exists, so be it. If not, so be it. Only one thing is for sure…Whether one BELIEVES in a God or not, has no effect whatsoever on whether there truly is or is NOT one.

Besides, I’ve never been one to let others make descisions for me. I can do that quite well by myself thank you. I won’t dismiss God, but I’m really not sure why I need him.


Yes, I’ve heard views similar to yours before, and no offense intended, but they don’t answer my question. For instance, if we extrapolate just a tad further, I could ask that if infinite universes exist, and I have no free will control over my own fate in any of them, why not just commit suicide. I’ll go on in another universe, since “all things are so”. I could just keep commiting suicide until I finally arrive at a life timeline where I consider EVERYTHING to be SO perfect that I stick around for a while.

But then, this line of reasoning is really pretty silly isn’t it.

Naw, Multiverse is a nice cute theory that, like I said, crops up over time to explain certain paradoxes, but it has never been resolved to be provable by any evidence. Besides, as such, I see it as a cop out for side stepping the issue of Time Travel.

If Time Travel is to be solved, we have to begin to think beyond the old easy trains of thought and try to grasp that which we do not yet even understand the concept of.

We need to re-examine our old concept of what we refer to as “Time” itself.

We’ve exhausted the old theories. They don’t work. There are no Time Machines. And PROBABLY no “parallel” Universes. Other Universes perhaps, but not Parallel Ones we have “counterparts” existing in. Can’t buy it.

New thought is what is called for.

I may not be capable of it, but those who are need to focus ahead into new territory. Not hack away at the old.