By all means please understand that I likewise respect YOUR views. Whether i agree with all of them or not. I was just rambling on about my musings on religion and would not intend to offend anyone.

I like your “conservation” law analogy.



Yup. I’d say we’re pretty close here. The “Frame Dragging” experiment being readied by NASA goes directly to this “gravity relativity to time” issues. Particularly as it pertains to a spinning body, in this case the Earth itself.

From what I understand so far on this, the gravitational effect on time would have the opposite (or possibly counteracting) effect of Time Dilation. For instance, the Space Shuttle’s clocks run slower, but the Shuttle’s position of being less influenced by gravity than an Earth bound object SHOULD make the shuttle’s clocks run FASTER! Somehow, the Time Dilation effect is “winning” it’s battle with gravity’s (or the diminished amount of it) counteractive effect.

I don’t fully understand it yet, but then I’m not sure anyone FULLY understands it. Otherwise it could be explaind precisely and predictably. So far, it can’t.

I’m eager to see what develops.


Yes I’m familiar with the sites and the work in that area and certainly do not claim to be an expert in any of this. But…

I’m not sure what your references have to do with “multiverse” theory. Could we be comparing apples and oranges here?

Thanx for the informative tips toward them tho.