How do you figure I have easy access? I can appreciate your skepticism but I must admit I’m confused by your choice of questions. I fail to understand why a time traveler would be expected to know the details you ask. Right now, do any of you know the details of the first week in February for 1970? For that matter, could you tell me from memory if it rained in Atlanta last week? Is a sports almanac a required or expected piece of equipment for all “time machines”?

At least you didn’t ask the standard “what stocks should I buy” question. Interesting that no one ever asks which stocks to sell. I’m sure my answers will be quite unsatisfying but you should know I do not want your unshakable faith nor do I think anyone should give it so easily if a “time traveler” were able to answer those questions.

In fact, over this medium, it’s impossible to prove I’m a time traveler, therefore, it’s impossible to believe. Actually, I depend on that a great deal so I don’t have to worry about being picked up by your friendly law enforcement officers. What do you think they would do with two micro-singularities?

So here goes…

(1). I have no idea.
(2). It looks like some sort of motorized scooter. What do you think “IT” is?
(3). I know this one but I think it would be unfair and immoral for anyone to win a bet based on something I’ve told them.

Posted by Stephen McKay on 01-29-2001 10:16 PM

I’m sure it would be unfair and immoral if we had certainty, but the truth is anyone placing a bet on your answer would still be gambling on whether you are in fact from the future. Spill the beans!