I’m pleased to see certain persons take little offence and in fact upon re-reading my posts recently I have noticed they don’t read as intended – I am for the record pleasant but usually quiet company! Sorry if I upset you (I hope not.)Dear God… please hurry up and make these computers write not what is typed… but what is meant…. hmm.

I have a natural inquisitive mind and enjoy and technical challenges. I am also a Spiritualist and to that end enjoy both spirit and mind… which is why I for one am naturally curious about the future, time travel, parallel universes, and spiritual matters. I believe that most people visiting this site do so for a mixture of reasons – including the DESIRE to know.

You mentioned previously the year 2008 – what’s significant given your observed 2.5% difference between this time line and your own?

You mentioned a certain model (204) travel unit – what is the source of power and what type of ‘engine’ is used?

If as you claimed, most of the requisite information has been around since 1970’s – and yet time travel is not public until ? 2045… why is it that a time traveller can not divulge design information that would demonstrate its reality. Are there missing common elements/materials yet to be discovered or engineered?