Greetings TT Titor,I have not been on this site in a long while,I am acquantinces with Al Bielek,and I have been in close quarters with beings not human and not from this place or time.The Humans who talk with you on this post have not asked you yet how you feel about your travels?How has it effected you emotionally,Do you age ?Does the hair grow on your face faster,do your nails grow quicker,Does the air taste different in different time periods?How is the food in the future,Have you tried to eat things not found in your time?Do you know me in the future?I plan on living 120 years,so i am sure going to look for you later 35 years from now i will be 66,I was born in 1970.I have met a few other TT people(TimeTravel),I did not ask them about lotteries or sh1t like that(How petty)I like my time,but i see Traveling into Another Time and Space as too much for most humans,to think on different levels,to not lose oneself,to not fall in love or like with peoples from different times.That must be the hardest,to not be able to connect with others that would be traumatized by the info given by a TT person.Wether your from here nor there matters not, thanks for helping the ones from this Time think of what they are and where they may be heading.Agentq3 Blessed Be in your travels!