OK, this John Titor guy obviously is really into science fiction, a scientist, or is actually a TT’er.

Trust me, I would *really* love to believe that you are from the future. So as Mike suggested, instead of going on about fantastic time machine components and WW3, why not actually gain some credibility by correctly telling NEAR future events? Indeed, you are very convincing with your stories of what you claim will be, but unless you actually *prove* who you claim to be, quit wasting our time…you may as well be beating your head against the wall.

Although, if you consistently tell of near-future events, you will rightly gain all our respect, and we will be hanging off your every word…

As I said, I want to beleive, but don’t give us the typical “I don’t need to prove myself, I am not here to do that” Well you should be!…Why come on here and spend all that time with your stories, if everyone discounts you as a crackpot. If you want us to actually *listen* to you, then prove yourself! I know that the *first* thing that I would do if I claimed to be a time traveller, is *consistently* tell of *near*-future events…whether it’s politics or entertainment…just give us *anything* that we can all relate to…

I don’t mean to sound cynical and negative, but if you want us to beleive you, then just do what I suggest, and quit being so evasive.


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