I applaud your story. It would make for a great book or Hollywood movie.

You keep mentioning ethics as an excuse not to divulge information of the near future, however you still freely talk about other items such as the physics behind your machine or facts about the far future.

I have a hard time believing that time travel, if possible and if it will be done, would be done in such a lax way. What would happen if you, while traveling on personel business, died while visiting yourself. Or what if a scientist reading this thread who in the future will develop time travel alters his patterns of study and changes the future, thus changing you thus changing everything?

The mere chance of a severe dominoe effect would, I believe, limit time travel on a very strict and limited manner, if it is allowed at all! Why would a group of seemingly inteligent people risk changing there present on the desire to see themselves in the past?

While entertaining, your story is bogus.