Rereading my last post, bogus came off a little strong. I did not mean to conflict with you per se, but tell you I don’t believe your story.

There are a couple of questions I would like answered.

First if you don’t care if we believe you or not, why are you posting here? What purpose do you have to tell part of your story?

Next, I assume that you would have superiors over seeing your work. What do they think of your use of the equipment for personel reasons?

Are you afraid of altering your reality in our future or your present in the slightest?

You have mentioned that there is a flux of change for every 60 years. This would suggest to me that you are also traveling across dimensions or as Star Trek lingo suggests, alternate realities. 8^) If you are doing this, is there any concern of yours or your comrades that you are affecting our future? Would that concern you if it did not affect you?

Is there such a thing, in your reality, as crimes against time? For example, killing an enemy while he is a child? Or changing the past to make your present more pleasant (lotteries and gaming franchises have been mentionned)?

I have said I do not believe your story, but I hope you will still answer my questions.