Two more questions. Is there official disclosure or any sudden revelations in the area of an ET prescence and how is the world view of our space in the whole scheme of things. In other words do we by 2036 know for sure we’re not alone? I do remember who won the triple crown about 30 years ago; Secretariat in 1973, also I think Affirmed did it in 1978. I don’t think it has been done since. I have no way to prosper from knowing whether GW makes it through his presidency, I just thought it would be a good question. Odds are in your favor to say he doesn’t. I’m just trying to formulate non-invasive ways to see if you are who you say you are. I have a keen interest in this amazing field and unfortunately we have seen too many people who, if you are for real, have made it difficult for you. To tell you the truth I hope you are for real.