But then I suppose anyone dealing in transvectoring across multiple timeflows eventually crosses itself in the fore or aft directions. We know that time is a maleable product and so too are the options of this linear flow. So then… if that is the case how could one establish that *this* timeline is *the* prime and all the others are variants that may cross on periods like a biorhythym. More I suspect they are all prime in and of themselves and we simply have attached to this particular one.

Personally I like the Spiritualist ideal of pre-physical choice – I chose to be here, I chose this existence, extending that to…I chose this timeline. Maybe also their perspective of being a part of God within their own makeup to the extent of being able to choose futures is also evident – how do you know you have not cognitely chosen your personal direction a billion times and not even realised at this moment all the choices you have made along time to get to this point thus far.

Its a bit like realising that what to Spirit are Spiritual powers is in the weaker sense to the Physical (us) with its Psychic powers… we only know so much but in the Spiritual worlds we know so much more… consciousness expansion.

Just my tuppence inbetween our venerable TT’s absence. Cheers all.