Really? If you do not believe in Time travel then I suggest for discussion that you CHOOSE not to believe. Do you believe in ET’s or UFO’s – choices. Do you believe that the rest of the world or the known universe exists – choices. Do you believe you were born of sin – choices. You choose not to believe – this is not the same as the ability for it to exist.

Ah then the critic would say… ok TT… demonstrate. Yes I’d love a demonstration – but more – the specifics on its design and a guide on correct ethics and use. I have not seen a Time Travel device that I am aware of – but that does not mean I do not believe – especially in the potential.

All things can be created, all things can be – the difference is I chose not to make the choice of yes or no – I believe or I don’t until it slaps me like a wet fish.

And where is our venerable TT John T? Hope you are well friend – and yes, I was very serious about ethics and technology. But alas, all requests have met with zero in my hands to work with. But still – I choose to be patient.