Dear Mike Kolesnik,

Either you are a person who knows about time travel in the flesh so to speak or you contradict yourself by making out hat you do. You have challenged John Titor into revealing specific answers which you claim to have current knowledge of. Further you make yourself out to be some kind of ‘saviour’ wondering if any of us require ‘saving’ so long as we meet your expectations of us. Even more you state there are contradictions in John’s writing.

Personally I don’t need saving from you and in fact I am not following lines of gullability. Rather I too have asked direct questions and placed challenges to all time travelers.

Further, any segmented regular writing of this nature on any BBS will create natural discrepencies – even I suspect in your own and mine to boot. Such is life in the slow lane with us mere mortals.

Please place here you seal of Godliness incarnate for others to marvel at and rather than attack others (which is not in keeping with fair play) please feel free to join our quest for knowledge… which I suspect you are attempting to do in a rather vicious manner.

God bless and may knowledge strike us like a wet fish soon !