I’m trying to figure out why I haven’t seen Mike Kolesnik’s name in any of the esteemed journals that debate Time Travel. You know, the one’s chaired by graduates of MIT, Princeton, Yale, Stanford…? Surely having the answers to the nature of *”reality” would be worth pursuing with others whose careers are based on research. Isn’t this the same type of reasoning used by debunkers against anything THEY find unreasonable?

C’mon Mike, unsnit those panties and ask yourself why you care whether this is true or not.

AS far as Mr. Titor is concerned … How do you finance your excursion? I would venture its not totally on the level with current financial accounting procedures.

That said, I apologize, though I feel I have to withhold some of my investigative curiosities, as I have a niece who is exactly your age and I could sense the possibility of a confluence that at this point which could precipitate greater than expected divergences.

Around the mid-nineties I came to my conclusion re: the “isobaric” nature of both gravity and time. Like anything, I suspect the gradients involved are miniscule by our finite standards, though 10% or 15% divergence over 60 years sounds about right.

* “There are NO “alternate worldlines” There are ONLY Possibilities and Probabilities. One of the Possibilities MAY occur and, one and ONLY one of the Probabilities WILL occur. There are NO multiple worldlines, histories, or whatever occuring at this or any time. There are no proven, half-proven, or .001% proven data for multiple Earths.”