We time travel to solve problems. A great deal of effort is going into repairing the environment and infrastructure.

I think there is only one God. I also think that our soul may be a combination of all the collective thoughts and actions of the infinite “yous”. If that is true, it becomes very difficult to define death until all worldlines come to an end.

[(1) Who wins the Triple Crown for the next 20 years?] I don’t know. Even if I did, you could stop the horse(s) anyway and make it untrue.
(2) Who will be elected president for the next 20 years?
Please see number 2.

(3) Will there still be Harley-Davidsons around when you are born?
I was born in 1998.

(4) Please list the price of gold for the last 20 of your years and I can tell you the condition of the stock market in the future.

I don’t understand the importance of this type of information. Please tell me your opnion why this is interesting and worth remembering for 30 years.

(5) Will it still be fairly lawful for me to own and use handguns when are beginning your time travel adventures?

I thought owning a handgun was legal in the United States? Yes, being familiar with firearms (along with the other responsibilities of the Constitution) becomes an important part of people’s lives in thirty years.

(6) Is it possible for you to bump into yourself when you are time travelling? Saw a Jean Claude Van Dam movie about that once. I think it was called “Time Cop”. Whatever you do, don’t shake hands with yourself, if you do meet.

Yes that is possible and there are no limitations on interacting with them. I find it interesting that there is some sort of collective negativity with the idea of doing that. Could it be that we are not really that comfortable with ourselves and therefore we cannot imagine meeting, liking or helping another one of us on another worldline?

(7) I go on vacation in May. Can I go with you on your journys through time? Anybody else want to go along?
I could probably manage three people with me. However, I would have to dump a great deal of archival material to get you in. I’m not sure you would like 2036 very much.