“Buying a Story” means “I don’t buy what you’re selling”. It’s a reaction to a preoccupation we have with issues of “Trust” …because we have so many interactions with “others” i.e. people who aren’t a part of our immediate inner circles. There’s a wariness that “another” is deceiving us in some manner, either to con us (gain our confidence for some gain – possibly financial) or work their way into our inner circles and cause some form of havoc. Therefore their story is up for judgement as to whether it is worth “banking on”. EG – You may think you could have some sort or beneficial effect by telling people how things may turn out in the future? Don’t bank on it.

Art Bell use to have an archive of the night that he had an open line for Time Travelers. I have to say that much of what I listened to, rang true with my own “prophetic” thoughts.

So, this enemy that was attacked in the US by Russia, was it Islamic in nature?

What it IT (Ginger)? The buzz is that it revolutionizes transportation. What change happened in the early ’00s that relates to this?

I want to get into the Automated Home technologies business. Any suggestions? Please e-mail me 🙂