Again I have to congratulate you on your perceived high level of intelligence, and I don’t doubt that you may indeed be a physics professor or just some guy who gets off misleading others.

You stated:

“2.Anything I say could be acted on beforehand and changed anyway.”

Not true at all…not *anything*…just a few days ago there was an attempt at Bush’s life, surely that’s going to be a significant historical event. It’s the first attack/assasination attempt on the president of the new millenium. Hmmm, yeah, you could have warned us days ago about, and it may have been changed, and not happened…but that’s very very doubtful. At the time, no one would have taken you seriously anyway…but if you had of predicted that, and it happened, then even I would likely believe you now.
Or what about telling us something like a hollywood story of someone breaking up, or getting married, good luck trying to change that…or of a company’s profits…SOMETHING…

You are VERY evasive, and you don’t give even a single “iota” of evidence…nothing…nadda…zero. I remember you saying that your point of this was to come on and get people to at least accept the possibility of time travel, well no kidding, great time traveller…sheesh.. look at what message board you are on!! many including myself certainly beleive that it’s possible, but all you do is give fantastic stories and shrug off any attempt at evidence with your lame excuses. What all of us on here want is the truth, not science fiction.

“3.All the really interesting information is months or years away and I’d be gone when it happens.”

Hey, we’ll be the judge of that there John. That’s not the point whether the information is interesting, that’s subjective, the point is that you should prove yourself. It’s true that you claim to be a scientist right? Well isn’t one of the aims of scientists is to prove to *others* of their hypothesis or theory. Even if you’re not one, you should still make an *attempt* at trying to prove yourself.

“4.I find it morally wrong to assist someone with anything where they might gain and someone else would lose or die.”

OK fine…so why don’t tell us a way in which we can save lives or help people without harming others…like of car accidents…what plane trip not to take…etc?! And don’t come back with the cliched, “well it wouldn’t be morally right to change the future”…you are morally obligated to help someone if you can stop it!! You can’t argue with that.

John, why don’t you quit claiming that you’re from the future and actually make any attempt to prove that you are…

This is scary almost, does this guy actually beleive in what he says? or did Art hire some science fiction just to keep these boards interesting? There’s obviously some deception going on here…