Hi John:

I’ve read all the postings here and I sense that what we have here is a failure to communicate. It’s been my experience that the majority of posters on this board are genuinely open minded, and ready to believe. Actually I’m intrigued by the escalating level of frustration being experienced here, and wonder where it’s going.

In my opinion you have sparked a good discussion here. If you are from the future, then we all have something to learn from you. If you are not, then it’s a good game of cat and mouse, and since audience participation is not mandatory, I really have no reason to be upset with you. For me the challenge here is two-fold.

1. To try and somehow get you to validate yourself without violating your ethics.

2. To try to get you to trip yourself up, and prove yourself a hoax.

Either way in the end we all get what we wanted.

Rather than degenerating into a “let’s get John mob” I propose we try to devise creative lines of questioning to get to the bottom of the “John Titor” story.

I don’t believe animosity is a requirement for a satisfying excercise in thinking. We do need to level the playing field so it would be helpful if you would agree to a few “rules of sportsmanship” (pardon the P.I. sexist reference).

You have more than once noted your disdain for our colloquialisms and cultural inclinations. This is inherently unfair, and you should give it some thought. You being the “TT”, have an unfair advantage here. We do live in an economy based society and it’s natural for us to use terms like, “Im sold”. You used the term “off the cuff” in your comments about “buying in”, does this mean in the future “cuffs” have some cultural significance? or is it simply a familiar concept? ….food for thought.

I of course only speak for myself, so here are my questions.

1. Is John Titor your real name? (just kidding)
2. What is the name of your locality/State/Country?
3. Are you a free man?
4. Have civil liberties become more significant?
5. Do you live in a racist society?
6. What is your form of government?
7. Would you be considered a member of the Patriot movement today?
8. In your time, have people developed their spirituality?
9. Do you know what happens when you die in your time?
10. If any what is the predominant religion?
11. Did Jesus come back?
12. Did we send manned missions to Mars?
13. What did we find on Mars?
14. Did we colonize the Moon?
15. Are we currently being bombarded by mind control devices?
16. Is Psionics a part of your every day life?
17. Is Europe made up of feudal states?
18. Did the N.W.O turn out to be real? or just vapor?
19. Do you have teleportation for the average citizen?
20. Was AIDS created by the government?
21. Are there gays in the military?
22. Are there gay people in your time?
23. What is your race?
24. Is there a Movie industry?
25. Is VR legal?
26. What is the average lifespan?
27. Why are you still using paper money?
28. As far as you know who is the most significant figure of the 21st century.
29. Do you use Tesla technology?
30. Given the differentials values you quoted, why can’t your technology compensate by offsetting the target coordinates so the error puts you in the correct “world time”?
31. Do you have the death penalty?
32. What is the most common crime commited?
33. Is race mixing allowed?
34. Is cloning common practice?
35. What is the racial make up of the continental U.S.
36. Is there segregation?
37. What is your education system like?
38. What is the woman’s role in your time?
39. Are there equal rights?
40. What sort of birth control do you practice?
41. Are there same sex marriages?
42. What happened to South America?
43. Are there recreational drugs?
44. Do you remember the Beatles?
45. What is the name of the Pope? (name changes)

If you answer these questions you will not violate any of your rules except for question #1, so I’ll retract that one.

That’s my 2 cents
PS: If you need a real web site I can give you one, all to yourself, for as long as you stay in our time line. E-mail me if you want it.