I would say if this is all legit – and I’m leaning that way as I would rather it be, and I have nothing at stake – that the whole issue is very much about divergence. Onb certain levels divergences matter very little. For instance, did it really matter whether you got gas, last Thurs., at an AMPM (amp ’em) or a Chevromn Quik Mart? If a timeline was altered and on a new line you found yourself gassing up at a Texaco Food Mart AFTER you went to the Library, as opposed the AM/PM (amp ’em) before you went to the school board meeting – would it matter? Suppose you went back in time and suggested to your bonehead cousin that he should get a job at the new service center down the street. And he met some girl there, they got married and now you get to visit them once every year in LAs Vegas? Suppose you suggested he try telemarketing at 1 800 RIGHT-IN-THE MIDDLE-OF-DINNER and he lasted 3.5 weeks and then found a job in Vegas dealing cards and then met some girl there. I guess my point is that different divergences have different “loads” of importance.

Enough … though true freedom means looking at these consequences on a more continual basis than one would have if one were used to a more routinized existence. I find this whole topic of divergence to be the more intriguing topic (though I would like to know what Chinese pop culture will look like.