First, thanks for the insightful answers. I have to admit that the overall picture you paint, sounds very real, and sobering. As you accurately detected my questions were really an excercize in profiling. You are either from the future as you say, or you are the next Robert Heinlein.

As for me, in as much as I have been given to understand by your answers you don’t have the mentality of a hoaxer. Actually you sound like a 30 something, militia member who has experienced much hardship, and your calm yet aggressive demeanor indicates you are accustomed to making difficult decisions. Your “skirting” of the “equality” issue and your use of the word “prejudiced” is indicative of the kind of hard, post war climate you claim to be from, and the measures that would be required for survival. I assume your comment “everyone carries their own water” was both literal and figurative? and is the equivalent of “our” “you have to carry your own weight”?

As a programmer, the UNIX issue you refer to is a bit of a problem. I write code in APL, PLI, Lisp, C, C++, VB, Fortran , Cobol, smalltalk, Java, Python, and a slew of less known languages. The 2038 “bug” is about as dangerous as the Y2K bug. I can “with a little tweaking” do anything with a computer that can be done with a computer. I assume there are programmers in 2036, that being the case, a “good programmer” can fix your Y2K38 date inconsistency. As for the undocumented IBM design modification in the 5100, I know nothing so I can’t comment there.

The new .net platform from microsoft has the capability to integrate all the languages you mentioned + all the ones I mentioned. Would it not be easier to write in the original language instead of having a machine translation?

Can you tell me how your UNIX differs from ours?

As for proof, I don’t think any is forthcoming that would be “conclusive”.

At this point I have no concrete reason to disbelieve anything you say save for standard skepticism.

I’d like to discuss some current technology with you in private if you have the time. If you can E-mail me I’d appreciate it.

Good luck John, you’re an interesting person, thanks for the conversation.

PS. Thurston Howell is the name of a character on “Gilligand’s Island”. for a definition of psionics you can check If you guys can run windows, I have some software for you that would come in real handy in your time. (really!)