Just read through this thread and found it very interesting.

I just had a couple questions…

I’m from Calgary, Canada. What part will Canada have in the War? Specifically western Canada, should I get out and move to Fiji ?

Do you think it’s very smart to be talking to people online?
I mean anyone could get your ip, with a few connections find your address and locate you. I know for a fact that a few “men in black” read this board. If they thought for a second that you were for real, they would be on your ass so fast, and your “Time Machine” would be in the hands of the US military my friend.

I’m about 99.9% skeptical, but I do like the odd sci-fi story, and enjoy your writing. I don’t pity you for trying to convince the gullible hordes that flock this board. Everybody needs to feel “wanted”, and we all like to feel “special”. If this is your way of getting attention, I have no problem with it, no ones getting hurt.

Thx John.