please forgive me if you have already responded to a similar question – but i am a very curious person & can not wait to ask this..just incase i forget.. my question:

you say that you can not tell us when something of very little historical importance occurs.. because we may alter/change something & look to you as a phsycic of some sort. perhaps, you could mention something that will happen very soon after you’ve just left. no one will be able to contact you so what could they possibly change and/or ask you about? as someone has suggested: over time periods certain types of music run to the forfront of our society. in the early 90’s it was grunge.. now it seems to be the bubbly pop teen sensations, i.e. backstreet boys & britney spears.. you couldn’t even answer the simple question of what will be the next ‘movement’ in music? just something so simple as that.. couldn’t possibly have some profound affect on the future? & especially for just the people on this board..i have my doubts that they’d run out & “do something” about the fact that acid jazz (for instance) is the next big musical hit.. know what i mean?

more questions: dunno if you’ve been asked this, but what are the areas least affected by the ww3 bombings will probably not be able to answer that.. just going to see if you will anyway. another thing i wanted to mention was that even though you think because of one small thing you say may affect the future greatly, i assure you that 90% of the people.. will not take it seriously. so if you said: “the eastern shore will be most affected.”..i doubt that in 2012 everyone will swarm to the west. of the large population our world has.. it is very small in comparison to the population of -this-board-.. & our country is full of skeptics (which i’m sure you’ve realized).. so even if 100 people said “the eastern shore will not be affected.. a traveler from the future -said so-!!!”.. maybe 1 or 2 people would actually believe them. i think the affect you think you’d not as large as it really would be.

another: have you visited your -past- family? what city were you born in/grew up in? could you even say that so-and-so.. *an unknown person in today’s history*..”will be a big star”..etc..?

just curious