I’ve read this entire forum through twice now.

What I find fasinating more than John’s Time Traveling, are the people who seem to be attacking him. Now, I “believe” that Time Travel is possible – and I think there is plenty of physics evidence for this. So – perhaps the word “belief ” is really not the correct word.

I have a couple of questions for John as well, so if you can answer these John, I would appreciate your answers.

1) Once a microsingularity is produced and placed in statis in a magnetic field, what is the approximate strength of that magnetic field.

2) How is the magnetic field produced (I mean – what power source holds the field in place)?

3) What would happen to the microsignularity if that source FAILED? For instance would the microsingularity begin to grow? Or would it cease to exist?

In relation to my first comments about folks attacking John’s veracity – I have to say that John’s stories/statements DO hold water. The folks that chose not to believe him are welcome to do so, but, you do not have to “save anyone” from themselves or John. I believe most of us are intelligent enough to determine for ourselves if there is any kind of fraud. Even if there IS fraud, I personally am impressed with the background. It is well thought-out and consistent so far.

John has stated several times that what he says will not affect us, or him, and what we say will not affect him whatsoever. I have to take that to mean that even if he DOES tell you something here, it will NOT affect HIS timeline, since there is some deviation from his actual timeline here. In other words, John is NOT the same John he is visiting now, as his 3 year old self. His mom and dad are NOT his REAL mom and dad in his time line. We are NOT the same PEOPLE IN HIS TIME LINE.

Therefore, John (and none of you could do this either) can NOT tell us anything about our current timeline with any great accuracy that can be verified.

Think about it.

Rick Donaldson
Colorado Springs