John – Another question suddenly came to mind. I asked before about the microsingularities. Are they used to create the “rotating tipler cylinder” somehow through the axis of your time machine? All matter within a certain distance is then pushed (somehow) along a time-dilation type trip in time, forward or backward.

Is this about right? I’m betting that (assuming this is real) the microsingularities are used to create the infinite length aspect of the tipler cylinder which appears to be required for this time function change to occur. The aspect of rotating microsingularities (MS from now on) means that some sort of gravational field between the MS is also rotating, so as to create this illusion of a gravitational cylinder AROUND WHICH TIME IS DISTORTED GREATLY!!

Hmmmm… I’m about to start believing this guy, John the Time Traveler is real.

John, one last question, what sort of actual educational background (in your time) do you have? That is.. university, college, high school, etc? Thanks

Rick Donaldson
Colorado Springs