By Blonnie:
“3 years old.. yes. i was 3 years old when reagan was president & i probably had no idea he even existed at the time..yet, i know now that he existed. john is not a three year old now – he’s 38 he says & unless the schools of the future teach no history then why wouldn’t he know these things? & as they are big events in history i can understand (possibly) why he wouldn’t want to post them… but it has nothing to do with his age… tell me there weren’t things that happened or people that existed when you were three.. that you didn’t know of then but know of now? the beatles for instance were alive & famous before i was ever born, yet i know they existed in the 60’s/70’s. i was born in 81 & challenger blew up soon thereafter (in 83 i think it was???) i never saw it on television happening.. but i know it happened.

what about marilyn monroe? i wasn’t even born yet when she was alive – but i know she existed? & telling us something such as her existance would not greatly affect the outcome of our entire world.. so why not tell us? i can possibly understand how telling us that there will be a horrible bombing in canada..would affect the future .. someone on here may be from canada & keep their family away from the site of the bombing .. thus, changing future.. but telling us something of little importance will NOT change the future! it will only prove he is who/what he says he is. ”

I was alive when Desert Storm took place, do I know the month it happened? No.. I wouldn’t expect John to either. Plus, History books from that time would probably contain things about the war from 2005, possibly things leading up to the war. Not inventions like ‘Ginger’ and pop artists!

History books might mention some things, but they just give a year most of the time if it is not of grave importance, they more than less are going to just give the year and say what it did.

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