I was born in 1957. I DO remember the 1962 crisis, at least in terms of the adults being scared. I would have been 5 years old. I distinctly remember John Glenn going up and splashing down, and I remember hearing about Alan Sheppard (first man in space for you younguns hehe).

I indeed remember watching John Glenn though. I remember Walter Cronkites voice on television. I can tell you what my house looked like back then, the size of the TV and that it was black and white. I remember playing with magnets back then, and being absolutely fascinated with the magic of magnetic fields even then (which eventually drove me into the sciences, chemistry, physics and finally electronics engineering).

I remember a TV show called “Time Tunnel” in the late 60’s. Anyone else?

Anyway, the basic point is, I do have very vivid memories of things from when I was a child, of no more than 3-4. I have very, very clear memories of things when I was 3 and even my mom when she was alive was amazed at the things I could recall from such a young age. Well… I don’t remember much about politics though. I know that Eisenhower was the Prez when I was born, but… I don’t remember ANYTHING about him, but I DO remember all KINDS of things about Kennedy.

So… what I am getting at, John would not necessarily (nor would anyone else) remember things of politics in their baby years. Some of us do, many of us do not.

I can tell you something very important to me though… if *I* stepped into a time machine to go back to… say 1961 or 1962 I ABSOULTELY would have a complete knowledge of the era that I was returning to, in my mind. I’d have studied it very carefully, and I would ensure I had clothing of that era (up to and including the geeky classes I used to wear as a kid) to “fit in”. 1962 was a year of the almost end of the human race as we know it now, and I CERTAINLY would not want to step into a time where I could have been noticed as being out of place and out of time. Curiousity about me might cause my arrest or anything else in those days.

As a 43 year old grandpa, I know a LOT more now, than I did then. I KNOW that if I had the chance to go see it with what I know now, I would take that chance. I also know that I probably would NOT pass on intelligence from the future as a matter of course. I would not communicate with anyone who might be able to discern my intent, or even anything about the future from me.

Even if I were 2.6% off track from my time line. Even if I were 45% off track, I would not give anyone the chance to gloam on to anything I said about the future.

Rick Donaldson
Colorado Springs