Please tell us about the enviornment, the animal kingdom, are there any left…what kind? If there were nukes, how do any survive? What are the physical concequences on us?

Have you heard of ascension or “The Rapture”? If so please tell what you know.

Do you trust anyone in this time frame? If so, do you share more info with them?

Have you heard of the Mayan Calander? Do you believe it to be a true or factual event timeline?

I am told that fear keeps us further from the truth and God, that being said, you had stated earlier that fear is what would keep us alive, at least I think you said something like that, anyway I find that a contradiction.

I would like to speak/e-mail with you. Is that possible or something you would be willing to do? Would you consider that?

Thanks, Nikki
PS–Is Art Bell remembered? Who are the most remembered people from this time?

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