John, I have a few more questions. These ones are more about the ‘War’, and the state of your world.

(1) Who is the Major Super Power?

(2) Are the two political parties still Republicans and Democrats?

(3) How many States are there?

(4) Which states get the worst?

(5) Were only cities along the Eastern Sea port hit in the Nuclear War, or all over the country?

(6) Do companys like Microsoft, Yahoo!, and other internet software companys still exist?

(7) Does money look alot different than it does now? If you have a picture, could you please upload it and post the link!

(8) So then when you time travel you can never actually go back to the EXACT same place you left from?

(9) Was alot of the United States’ 18-24 age group slaughtered in the war because of Draft?

(10)Do you ever get visitors from later time periods to 2036?

(11) Are there any other companys, besides the one you work for that have TTs and send them out regularly?

(12) Does the government know there is TT going on?

(13) Why were YOU selected to be a TT? What gave you special qualifications?

(14) How many TTs are there on the team that you are on? How do new recruits get selected?

(15) What all countrys are on our side in the war? What all countrys are on the oposite side?

(16) Which country gets the worst in the war?

Those are just a few more I came up with , I will let you know if I think of more!